Is there staff on site to help with questions?
There is not a current staff person on site. Please visit our page in the future for any updates on staffing at SOTR!

In the meantime, please call Inver Hill Community College with questions:  651-450-3000.
I’m interested in going back to school, but have no idea where to start.  What is my first step?
Attend one of our information sessions (details below) to learn more!
You can also call the main campus of your institution to talk to an admissions representative or advisor:

Inver Hills Community College:  651-450-3000
Dakota County Technical College: 651-423-8000
Metropolitan State University: 651-793-1300

This will enable you to get more detailed information about what your options are, what might work best for you, and how to get started.
Can I start and complete my degree by only taking classes at SOTR?
Students should expect to take some of their classes at their home campus or online but depending on your major, you could likely get several classes completed right here in Burnsville.
Are there only classes for people looking for a degree at SOTR?
No.  We also offer a variety of continuing education and customized training courses, as well, for people looking for a quicker retraining or new skill.
I’m a PSEO student – can I take classes at SOTR?
Yes!  If the classes we offer fit your schedule and your needs, PSEO students are encouraged and welcome to take classes here.
How can I take classes and when are classes held?
Many of our classes are in the evening (usually from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.)  There are a variety of full semester classes (16 weeks) and accelerated courses, which meet over the course of 8 weeks vs. 16 weeks.  We also have day-time courses as well.  Check our “Courses” page to see our classes for the upcoming semester and which may work best for your schedule!
Will the classes and credits I take at SOTR apply to my degree at my home campus (Inver Hills Community College, Dakota County Technical College, or Metropolitan  State University)?
Yes!  This is a satellite campus for all three schools, so classes you take here apply the same way they would if you were taking the class online or at your home campus.  It’s simply another location to ensure students have access to the classes they need.
(If you’re unsure the classes here work towards your major, be sure to speak with your advisor).
What is the ACCUPLACER?  Is that available at SOTR?
The ACCUPLACER is an assessment that is taken as part of enrollment. The ACCUPLACER test is used by colleges across the country to assess college readiness in reading, English and math.  Students are strongly encouraged to prepare for the test as much as possible.
**As of July 2017, the ACCUPLACER will not be held at SOTR until further notice.  Students will need to take their assessment at their school’s main campus or at a different satellite location.  Please check back!  If you have questions about this, please call Inver Hills’ testing center at 651-450-3650.
Is there disability services staff on site?
Disability services staff are located at the main campuses, not at SOTR. If you need to meet with a disability services staff in Burnsville, you can connect with them to see if they can meet you at SOTR. You can find more information about our disability services offices here:  Inver Hills Community College, Dakota County Technical College, or Metropolitan State University.
When is SOTR open?
Classes are offered in the fall, spring, and summer.
Is there Wi-Fi available?
Yes!  People can connect to the IHCC Wi-Fi. No username or password is required.
Do I need a parking pass to part at SOTR?
Do faculty have office hours at SOTR?
Some faculty may have office hours before or after class.  Check with your instructor to see if they are holding office hours at SOTR.
What amenities does SOTR have?
Students have access to a mini fridge, microwave, Wi-Fi, tablets (tablets need to be used on site), a copier / printer, coffee and snack vending machines and also direct access to the Burnsville WorkForce Center resources!


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